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The vast majority of plastic surgery techniques that are available today were created with the Caucasian population in mind. As such, they produce results that are not necessarily in alignment with the cosmetic goals of Asian patients. To remedy this disconnect, Dr. Kwak focuses on advanced surgical methods that were specifically designed to enhance Asian anatomy, depending of course on what his patients are looking for. This allows him to preserve your cultural identity and avoid creating an overly Westernized look, ultimately achieving harmony, balance and a beautiful new appearance that’s all your own.

Benefits of Asian plastic surgery

Undergoing Korean plastic surgery can transform both your physical appearance and your self-esteem. Known for creating subtle cosmetic changes that draw out the inherent beauty of his patients’ Asian heritage, Dr. Kwak will make sure you still look and feel like you, just with an enhanced overall look. For example, depending on the specific procedure you have done, you can look forward to:

  • A refined nasal tip
  • A defined nasal bridge
  • Increased facial symmetry
  • Bright and well-rested eyes
  • Natural-looking eyelid creases
  • Slim and balanced cheekbones
  • A less prominent and more attractive jawline
  • A more pronounced nose that blends in with your other ethnic features
  • Defined facial contours that highlight the beauty of your heritage

Choosing a rhinoplasty surgeon in Manhattan for your procedure

Because of distinct differences between the Caucasian and Asian facial structure, it’s important that Asian clients seek out a nose surgeon familiar with their unique anatomical challenges as well as their strengths. A skilled facial plastic surgeon will be able to highlight the natural beauty and elegance of the Asian bone structure, preserving cultural heritage while minimizing flaws.

With a formidable background in both cosmetic surgery and otolaryngology, Dr. Kwak is considered amongst the most elite facial plastic surgeons in NYC when it comes to ethnic procedures such as blepharoplasty, rhinoplasty and jaw or cheek reduction. After he completed multiple fellowships and residencies at the country’s top hospitals, Dr. Kwak chose to further his training in Seoul, Korea as a guest surgeon. There he was mentored by the nation’s most esteemed experts in Asian cosmetic techniques, many of which have been previously unavailable to US clients. Dr. Kwak’s impressive background is evident in his before and after photos, as well as in his patients’ testimonials, all of which confirm unparalleled results.

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Dr. Kwak's Asian plastic surgery procedures

Dr. Kwak is proud to exclusively focus on facial plastic surgery for his clientele. As such, our patients can be assured that his procedures cater specifically to their unique bone structure and facial anatomy, ensuring results that are consistently beautiful and extremely natural looking.

Korean Plastic Surgery

Asian rhinoplasty

Unlike Caucasian rhinoplasty, which mostly focuses on reducing the size of the nose, Asian rhinoplasty may demand that the nasal structure be augmented or reinforced for a more defined profile. This ethnic rhinoplasty procedure requires a subtle and nuanced approach in which the nasal structure is delicately balanced with the other features for a harmonious overall aesthetic. With a double board certification in both plastic surgery and ear, nose and throat medicine, Dr. Kwak has an unrivaled command of both the functional and cosmetic aspects of rhinoplasty, and can produce stunning results for the Asian face that elude most of his peers. If you are looking to achieve natural results that are in line with your ethnic background, look to Dr. Kwak for some of the best asian rhinoplasty NYC patients can rely on.

Asian Rhinoplasty Procedure
Korean Plastic Surgery NYC

Asian eyelid surgery

Asian eyelid surgery is extremely common among Asian clients wishing to achieve natural improvements without sacrificing cultural identity.

Dr. Kwak performs a number of variations on Asian double eyelid surgery, including revision blepharoplasty to correct flaws resulting from prior subpar procedures; Asian ptosis surgery, to adjust drooping eyelids; and epicanthoplasty, a surgery performed to reposition and realign the mid portion of the eyelid. In all cases, he is meticulously careful to minimize scarring and operate in the least invasive manner possible.

Asian Eyelid Procedure
Asian and Korean Plastic Surgery

Asian ptosis surgery

Ptosis is defined as a droopy upper eyelid. It’s a very common condition among Asian individuals, and can be present at birth or acquired later in life due to muscle laxity or certain medical conditions that affect the eyelids and eye muscles. Ptosis results in eyes that appear droopy, misshapen and asymmetrical, which can lead to low self-esteem and self-consciousness about your looks. Fortunately for many of our clients, ptosis doesn’t have to be permanent. A specialized surgery with Dr. Kwak has the potential to fix the condition, creating a more open and balanced expression.

Asian Ptosis Procedure

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