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Functional Nasal

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Functional rhinoplasty employs a variety of cutting-edge techniques to improve breathing and remove the painful nasal blockages that result in headaches, allergies, insomnia and other debilitating symptoms. As a double board certified physician expertly trained in both facial plastic surgery and otolaryngology (ear, nose and throat medicine), Dr. Kwak possesses the ideal skill set to balance form with function, repairing the nose both internally and externally.



When the partition between the nostrils is crooked or impaired, a patient may find themselves suffering from a long list of nasal problems, including nosebleeds, sinus infections, snoring and migraines. Through inconspicuous incisions to the inner nose, septoplasty can reform the central nasal cartilage, opening up airways for improved breathing.

Balloon Sinuplasty

Balloon sinuplasty

Congestion, sinus pressure, sleeplessness and chronic headaches are all conditions that respond excellently to balloon sinuplasty. During this innovative procedure, tiny non-latex balloons are inflated at the end of a catheter to gently stretch the nasal cavity for greatly improved breathing and elimination of build up.

Nasal Valve Surgery

Nasal valve surgery

Nasal valve impairments can be the result of a subpar rhinoplasty, birth defects, or an injury, and can have devastating effects on one’s quality of life in the form of infections, snoring, insomnia and severe nasal pressure. The doctor may use a cartilage graft to counter a valve collapse, opening up breathing passageways and expanding overly narrow compartments.

Nasal Valve
Septum Perforation Repair

Septum perforation repair

When a patient suffers from a hole in their septum, the results can be a relentless parade of unsettling symptoms such as crusting, whistling, pressure, nosebleeds and chronic infections. Septum perforation repair uses either the nose’s own cartilage and lining to correct the breach, or a tissue graft taken from another part of the body.

Septum Perforation
Nasal Fracture Repair

Nasal fracture repair

While somewhat common, nasal fractures must be addressed with nasal fracture repair in order to avoid long term negative consequences. A broken nose can result in acute breathing issues, as well as unsightly cosmetic flaws. Dr. Kwak uses a variety of advanced techniques to repair and realign the fracture, and may simultaneously perform a cosmetic nose job to address the nose’s aesthetic appearance.

Nasal Fracture

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