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Revision rhinoplasty refers to any nasal surgery that is performed in order to rectify abnormalities or deformities associated with a previous nose job. As such, it is considered a highly delicate and demanding procedure that requires exceptional expertise, vision and artistry. Sometimes prior defects are the result of outdated techniques that over time have been discarded in favor of a more advanced approach. Other times the flaws are due to the sub-par efforts of a general plastic surgeon who lacked specialization in the face area and allowed the structural or functional aspects of the nose to become compromised.

Why should clients choose

At ESK, client satisfaction is the top priority. That's why when it comes to revision rhinoplasty in New York, also called secondary rhinoplasty, Dr. Kwak insists on spending hours with each patient, meticulously reviewing their medical history, aesthetic goals, anatomy, and most importantly, the outcomes of their previous surgery(s).

Understandably, most clients seeking a revision rhinoplasty are apprehensive. After all, they have already pursued a complex, invasive facial procedure and have been gravely disappointed with the results. Dr. Kwak is especially attuned to the needs of this special group, and has built a practice painstakingly correcting the work of other surgeons possessing less precision and skill. As a double board certified facial plastic surgeon in NYC with a background in otolaryngology (ear, nose and throat medicine), Dr. Kwak is the ideal surgeon to navigate the complexities of scar tissue and functional changes that may arise as a result of a botched primary rhinoplasty in NYC. His eye for perfection coupled with his sensitivity and capacity to truly listen have earned him a reputation as offering some of the best results from revision rhinoplasty NYC has to offer.

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What can I expect during my consultation with Dr. Kwak?

An ESK consultation is comprehensive. Dr. Kwak will investigate every aspect of your prior surgical history, reviewing the records of your operations, your current anatomy, and most importantly, allowing you to voice your deepest concerns and questions. Dr. Kwak strives to set his patients at ease so that they may communicate freely without holding back. Only then can he gather all the information he needs to enact the successful, organic outcomes he is known for.

Dr. Kwak will examine both the cosmetic and functional aspects of your nose, sometimes performing a nasal endoscopy (especially in cases of septal perforation or collapse), and working with a computer program to model your desired changes in a digital 3D landscape. Manhattan revision rhinoplasty clients will find that Dr. Kwak is able to provide a frank, educational roadmap of the corrective procedure, instilling confidence and relief.

Teenage Revision Rhinoplasty

Maria was unhappy with her surgery abroad which resulted in an overly resected nasal dorsum and an ill defined nasal tip. She underwent revision rhinoplasty with donor rib grafts to augment her tip and bridge. Her tip a septal extension graft was used along with a multilayer tip grafting, and her dorsum was augmented using a donor rib graft.​ Learn more about Teenage Rhinoplasty.

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Revision Rhinoplasty NYC

The approach

There is no such thing as “one-surgery-fits-all” at ESK. Dr. Kwak tailors his technique to the needs and desires of each individual, ensuring a unique, pleasing result that appears refreshingly natural.

Due to the complexities of corrective surgery where scarring and functional mishaps are commonplace, the doctor may employ the use of grafts or implants, and the procedure may last longer than the original surgery, sometimes up to 3 or 4 hours.

Dr. Kwak will recommend either an open or closed procedure for his New York revision rhinoplasty patients, depending on specific circumstances and anatomy. A closed rhinoplasty is generally less invasive with less downtown, but it may not afford the surgeon the freedom of an open rhinoplasty, which includes a minor incision to the columella (cartilage separating the nostrils).

ESK clients can expect to undergo general anesthesia, administered by one of Dr. Kwak’s experienced and friendly board-certified anesthesiologists. The surgery is performed in either an accredited ambulatory surgery center, or at an NYC affiliated hospital.

Recovery from revision rhinoplasty

Thanks to Dr. Kwak’s highly precise, economic surgical methods, which avert over-operation, patients can expect a swift and healthy recovery. Some bruising and pain is to be expected, however Dr. Kwak will prescribe the appropriate medications to ensure your utmost comfort post-surgery. The nose may feel “stuffed up”, and you may experience mucous drainage and/or blood seeping through your bandages. This is all very normal, as is swelling around the eyes. These initial reactions will lesson with time. The recovery period for revision surgery is similar to what you experienced with your original surgery. Within three days to a week, your stitches will be removed. After two weeks, much of the swelling will be gone. As always, Dr. Kwak will be on hand to support and guide you throughout the recovery process, and will schedule follow-up sessions to make sure your NYC revision rhinoplasty recovery is optimal.

Revision Rhinoplasty Specialist New York

Who is a Candidate?

Whatever caused your previous surgery be less-than-satisfactory, you may not have to live with it for the rest of your life. You could be a candidate for revision rhinoplasty if the following apply to you:

  • It has been at least a year since your previous procedure
  • An earlier surgery has left you with breathing problems
  • Your nose has been injured since your surgery
  • After the passage of time, you have realized that you would like to further improve the appearance of your nose
  • You are so unhappy with the results of your previous procedure that you feel you cannot live with them
  • The nose structure has collapsed due to lack of structural support

Of course, you will have to meet all the medical requirements for surgery and anesthesia to be safe for you. This can be determined through a consultation with Dr. Kwak.

A True Dilemma

You face a significant dilemma: You’ve already made a major effort to achieve the appearance that you desire. What if your next attempt is no better? Patients in New York who find themselves in this difficult situation are fortunate to have access to the services of Dr. Edward Kwak, a board-certified facial plastic surgeon who possesses the exceptional skill and artistry necessary to resolve a poorly-performed nose reshaping surgery.

How Did This Happen to Me?

While it’s possible that your unsatisfactory result is due to the fact that your surgeon lacked the skill necessary for the job, but that is not the only explanation. Everyone, and every injury, heals differently. No physician is able to predict exactly what will occur during the healing process. Techniques change over time. It may well be that your surgery was performed to the state of the art at the time you received it. Or your specific anatomy may pose challenges that could be challenging for even the most skilled practitioners. Contact us today and schedule a consultation with our trusted surgeon, Dr. Kwak, for one the best results in revision rhinoplasty NYC has to offer.

Revision Rhinoplasty Q&A

Can a Spreader Graft Widen the Tip of my Nose After a Rhinoplasty Result That I Hate??

Q: I had a tip rhinoplasty because I was unhappy with my bulbous nose and big drooping tip. I am thrilled that the ball on the very end and the dropping tip are gone, however, and I am not happy with the new shape of my tip from the front angle. I wanted to preserve the round "ball" because it was what defined me as a person. If I shove tissue balls or q-tips into my nostrils, it spreads my nose out to the shape that I want it again. Is there a surgical way to correct this back? Please help.

A: Nasal tip revision. Thank you for sharing your experience and photos. My first question to you is "when did you have your rhinoplasty." The nasal tip is the last region of your nose to finish healing. This reason is that the tip is the most cosmetically sensitive region,even the most subtle changes are significant. Also, the nasal tip is the most gravity sensitive region of the nose. So complete healing to the tip can take up to one year after a primary rhinoplasty. To help control tip healing, the rhinoplasty surgeon may elect to use injections. If you are more than one year out, a revision rhinoplasty can address some of your goals. However it would be best to be evaluated firsthand to see what techniques would be necessary for you.

Can a Shortened Upturned Nose Be Fixed with a Revision Rhinoplasty?

Q: I am 11 days post op from my primary rhinoplasty and I am very unhappy with the results. I realize I still have swelling but my tip and show of my nostrils are unnatural and unattractive. It looks like a ski slope! Will my tip come down over time as the swelling decreases or will it continue to get worse? How much of an improvement could I expect with a revision? Thank you for your advise.

A: Yes, a short nose and over rotated tip can be fixed, but..... 11 days after rhinoplasty surgery is very early. Your tip position can be expected to change over the next year. Right now, patience is paramount. At your next postoperative visit, discuss your concerns with your surgeon. It would be beneficial to see your results in six months to reevaluate your current concerns. There are several options to correct your nose if it requires lengthening.

Upturned Pig-like Nose After Rhinoplasty

Q: I had my Rhinoplasty surgery done 3 days ago and am very concerned about my nose now. I had a downward turned tip, which I asked to be corrected. but now when i look at it, it seems to have gone totally opposite and now looks upturned like a pig's nose. I am very concerned as I have so many events to go to and i feel it's a drastic change and not a subtle one. I trusted the doctor and asked him to work with it to suit my face, but now I'm very very worried and feel people will comment. Can this still be corrected? I think I'm going to need revision surgery, but I am also very worried about it being made worse and people laughing at me. I wish I had not done this now.

A: Three days is too soon to tell. Your concerns are common after tip rotation rhinoplasty. For three days out, I assume you probably still have a cast and tape on your nose. With this on, it can be very hard to tell your true tip position. Also, individuals can frequently have tremendous concerns and emotions immediately after rhinoplasty surgery. Rightfully so, it is your nose! However be a little patient. Even when the tape and cast is removed, your tip position may still seem overly rotated, this is common. The tip position may require up to six months to settle into its proper position. Please discuss your concerns with your surgeon, I'm sure he/she will want to know your concerns.

Will revision rhinoplasty swelling get better over time?

Q: I had open revision rhinoplasty 11 weeks ago and the sides of my nose are still swollen as well as my nostrils are uneven. Also, when I smile my face looks swollen still and the left side of my nose goes up more than the right. Will this get better over time? I am getting very frustrated.

A: It will get better. Your concerns are common. During this time your patience can be one of the most difficult parts of your recovery. The nasal tip is the most cosmetically sensitive region of the nose also it is the most gravity dependent. Revision rhinoplasty patients can expect longer healing times because of altered anatomy and scar tissue. It is important that you communicate your concerns with your surgeon.


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