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Skin cancer is one of the most devastating forms of the disease, as it can distort and even disfigure a patient’s face, causing profound distress and significantly impacting all aspects of life, from socializing to interacting in the workplace.

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With a double board certification in facial plastic surgery and reconstruction as well as otolaryngology, Dr. Kwak is intimately familiar and experienced in the nuances of skin cancer restoration techniques. Working side by side with New York’s esteemed oncologists to implement the most advanced scientific breakthroughs in the industry, Dr. Kwak is proud to offer these services to those who need them the most.

Dr. Kwak likes to spend an uncommon and generous amount of time in consultation, which will typically occur before the patient sees their MOHS specialist. During the meeting, Dr. Kwak will meticulously review each client’s medical records, previous surgeries, age, lifestyle habits, anatomy, and goals for the procedure. Before and after photos help patients to better picture their desired outcomes and relate their concerns to the doctor.

Thanks to transparency in his treatment plans and a clear roadmap of expectations going forward, Dr. Kwak’s clients find they experience very little anxiety throughout the whole process. Dr. Kwak is a natural communicator and a compassionate listener who will quickly put even the most hesitant patient at ease.

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Details of skin cancer reconstruction

Although it is not always possible, performing skin reconstruction directly following cancer removal ensures the least amount of downtime and scarring for the patient. Dr. Kwak typically coordinates in advance with a MOHS specialist, and opts to begin his work immediately at a credentialed outpatient facility or an affiliated hospital.

Depending on the nature of the patient’s surgical needs, Dr. Kwak may operate on the cartilage, bones, muscles or skin, in all cases being careful to choose the least invasive option that will yield the most inconspicuous scars. Some clients will require more complex solutions such as skin, fat or cartilage grafts and flaps, or soft tissue harvesting from a donor area.

Over-exposure to the sun’s UV rays is usually cited as the cause of skin cancer, which can manifest as one of three types:


The most deadly form of skin cancer, responsible for the most fatalities

Squamous cell carcinoma

The second most deadly form of skin cancer, affecting around ¼ of patients

Basal cell carcinoma

The most common form, affecting 3/4ths of skin cancer patients

Recovery from skin cancer reconstruction

Recovery from skin cancer reconstruction is highly customized to each patient’s unique needs. A full aftercare plan will be presented with detailed instructions for everything from wound care to sleeping in the correct position and when it’s safe to resume exercising. Following Dr. Kwak’s instructions to the letter will ensure that your outstanding results are preserved and that healing is as swift and painless as possible.

In the weeks and months that follow, Dr. Kwak will be examining you to determine if any further procedures are required to facilitate a full recovery. Dr. Kwak is a distinguished veteran of scar revision techniques and in some cases, he may recommend laser therapy or dermabrasion to help reduce the appearance of facial scarring after reconstruction.

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