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Ear surgery, also known as otoplasty, is a procedure in which prominent or protruding ears are pinned back against the head. Ears that stick out can be the focus of much unwanted teasing and negative attention, especially during childhood and adolescence, causing social anxiety, low self-esteem and feelings of frustration. If left unchecked, these feelings can lead to significant psychological trauma. In some cases, ear irregularities, such as folded ears, hidden ears or misshapen lobes, are the result of congenital defects.

Thankfully, all these conditions respond quite favorably to the otoplasty procedure. Our New York ear surgery may be performed on children five years of age and up, since by then the cartilage has reached its mature development. The procedure is often recommended by psychologists and counselors at this time so that the child can enter school with a positive self-image. While children represent a large portion of ear surgery candidates, it is not uncommon for adults to also seek otoplasty.

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Ear Surgery NYC

At ESK, great attention is given to providing results that appear completely natural and are appropriate to the individual. Dr. Kwak has spent his entire career focused exclusively on the face and neck regions of the body, obtaining a double board certification in facial plastic surgery and otolaryngology. For this reason, ear surgery patients find his work to be exceptionally precise, skillful and economic – Dr. Kwak never over-operates, facilitating quicker recovery times and minimal scarring. Additionally, Dr. Kwak continuously attends seminars and industry events to keep abreast of the most advanced, cutting-edge otoplasty methods available.

Each NYC otoplasty patient will first receive a comprehensive private consultation with Dr. Kwak in his NYC office, in order to assess the best path forward. If the patient is a child, naturally the entire family is invited to be present at this time. The doctor will examine the client’s medical records, his or her anatomy, and discuss the desired goals at great length. Before and after photos of prior client outcomes is a great way for both patient and doctor to arrive on the same page regarding intended aesthetics. By the end of the consultation, the majority of patients find that any anxiety has completely dissipated and they are confident in their expectations for a successful procedure. Dr. Kwak is especially good at setting his younger patients as ease with quick humor and a kind smile.

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Details of otoplasty

ESK ear surgery clients are usually in the operating room for around 2 hours, during which time the ear’s cartilage is reshaped, repositioned and/or reduced. Young patients will require general anesthesia, while adults may opt for local anesthesia with mild sedation.

During ear surgery in Manhattan, Dr. Kwak will make an inconspicuous incision behind the ear. The ear cartilage is then either partially reduced, scored or drawn backwards using sutures to produce a more attractive ear contour. Great care is taken to ensure ear symmetry. Reshaping of the concha or earlobe may then be performed, followed by removable sutures.

Recovery from ear surgery

Due to Dr. Kwak’s expertise with the procedure, most ear surgery clients experience minimal pain, discomfort, or scarring. Swelling usually subsides within a few weeks, along with any bruising. Medication is always available, of course, for those who desire it, and Dr. Kwak along with his caring staff will be on hand 24/7 to answer any questions if they arise.

Pressure dressings may be present in order to preserve the ear shape and reduce excess fluids from building up, but these are removed shortly, within the first week. During this time, clients should refrain from washing their hair. In general, patients should take care to make sure the ears are not disturbed for several weeks by sleeping on their backs and limiting rigorous physical activities for up to two weeks. A normal work/school schedule can be resumed within 5-10 days. Schedule a consultation for arguably the best ear surgery NYC has to offer.

Otoplasty NYC

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