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While there are many skin flaws that can cause a patient to seek out cosmetic procedures, few are as disfiguring as scar tissue. Patients with facial scars are especially prone to distress and may experience a chronic lack of self-confidence.

Scars form naturally in reaction to different types of trauma, including burns, falls, accidents, injuries, acne and surgical incisions, as the body attempts to fight off infection. Scars cause noticeable discoloration of the skin, and range from superficial to those that significantly limit movement.

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The scar revision process requires an intense devotion to detail and an astute knowledge of the most cutting-edge techniques in the field of reconstruction. Dr. Kwak, a double board certified facial plastic surgeon and ENT, completed an elite fellowship sponsored by the Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, studying under one of the most renowned experts in the industry.

In addition to his superb training and unrivaled experience, Dr. Kwak possesses the emotional depth and compassion to assist patients as they traverse the difficult road to recovery after a physical trauma. During your confidential consultation, Dr. Kwak will work with you to determine the best solution for scar revision, presenting a clear roadmap of you can expect from your procedure. Setting patients at ease is what Dr. Kwak does best, so don’t hesitate to voice any questions or concerns at this time.

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What techinques are used during scar revision surgery?

In the case of keloid and hypertrophic scars, the doctor may opt to inject the affected area with steroids. These work to break down the excess collagen that may have developed outside a wound, reducing pain, discoloration, itchiness and raised textures. Silicone gel sheets may also be employed to help soften, even out and fade hypertrophic scars.

When dealing with more severe contracture scars, skin grafts are often a preferred solution. This involves removing the scarred tissue and replacing it with healthy skin from another area of the body. A “Z-Plasty” can be used to reposition a scar so that it blends in better with the body’s natural contours. Lastly, the doctor may choose to perform tissue expansion. This is where healthy skin tissue is stretched via a balloon filled with saline and then used to hide a scar from view.

Other scar revision techniques are dermabrasion, laser skin resurfacing, dermal fillers and vascular lesion therapy, which may be used alone or in conjunction with the aforementioned approaches. Dr. Kwak will determine the best course of action based on your consultation.

Types of scars


These scars form in reaction to burns, and can be among the most severe. Some contracture scars eat into the surrounding tendons and muscles, inhibiting the body’s normal range of motion.


Hypertrophic scars are found at the site of surgical incisions, and are usually raised ridges that appear red in color.


Thicker and more visible than hypertrophic scars, keloid scars extend well beyond the boundaries of a wound or incision and are generally found across the shoulders or the breastbone.

While scars can never be entirely reversed, there are a variety of advanced surgical and non-surgical procedures that can help minimize their appearance and restore functioning. In the hands of the right doctor, scar revision can make a world of difference for the client, repairing self-esteem and greatly improving quality of life.

Recovery from scar revision surgery

The amount of time required for recovery from scar revision will depend on the nature of the technique used by Dr. Kwak and on the patient’s anatomy. Most patients will be able to return to their normal activities within a few days, although more vigorous exercise and physical labor jobs may be restricted for several weeks. It’s important to follow the doctor’s aftercare plan to the letter, and to reach out to the office immediately should any questions or issues arise. Dr. Kwak and his team of caring, seasoned nurses and assistants are always on hand should you need anything during your recovery.

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