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What You Should Know About Halo Laser Treatment

The pursuit for elegant aesthetics has spawned a number of advanced technologies that achieve better results than those before them. Our New York Halo laser treatment is one you should definitely know about: it is the future of laser resurfacing, delivering distinct advantages that every individual seeking a safe, effective and highly agreeable procedure should consider.

Halo is the world’s first hybrid fractional laser

The treatment combines ablative and non-ablative laser wavelengths, which are delivered to the same or different microscopic treatment zones. An ablative laser creates a wound response to encourage healthy healing. It is an aggressive, effective procedure that generally necessitates one treatment. The recovery period associated with an ablative laser is longer.

A non-ablative laser does not open the skin and targets select areas of skin in a less invasive way. As it takes a lighter approach, the need for multiple treatments arises. It is therefore a good option to resolve superficial issues.

The two laser wavelengths in Halo synergistically rejuvenate your skin and restore its youthful radiance. One laser targets the epidermis - the topmost layer of the skin - to reduce pigment and restore your glow. It makes microscopic pathways in the skin and leaves the areas around it unmarked.

The other targets the dermis, the second layer of skin below, drilling miniscule injuries to trigger collagen and elastin production. What results is a minimization in wrinkles and effective removal of years of sun damage from deep within.

Your skin's natural healing process causes pigment from the damaged skin to rise to the top layer and peel off within the first few days of the procedure. During the process, the deeper layers of your skin will continue to rejuvenate and improve issues like poor texture and visible signs of aging. Unlike some procedures where you have to invest five days of complete healing and downtime because your face feels raw and can sometimes be bloody, Halo gets you past this uncomfortable phase quickly, and within days, your skin is left looking clear and radiant.

Halo Laser Treatment New York

What makes Halo safer than other technologies? For one, thermal delivery is optimized by continually measuring the temperature of your skin and automatically changing the energy density and pulse width. For another, integrated constant temperature monitoring assures safe and accurate treatment. Your skin feels cool and comfortable all through the treatment.

There is also the fact that Halo offers unparalleled customization. We can design a treatment plan individualized to the extent of sun damage that needs to be addressed and the ideal downtime you’re targeting. With Halo, meeting exact specifications is possible, allowing for unbeatable flexibility and impressive results.

Choose the number of treatments you want. Discuss your needs with Dr. Kwak and build a plan aligned to your unique requirements. For instance, you can opt for one or two aggressive treatments or multiple, less aggressive treatments that can achieve a similar goal over a longer timeframe.

Our Manhattan Halo laser treatment works well for almost all skin tones. In the case of darker skin, Halo can resurface up to 30 percent of the skin while a gentler laser will resurface only about 5 percent. Under Dr. Kwak’s meticulous guidance, you should be able to experience the kind of results you set you out to achieve with Halo.

Finally, if you’re concerned about the inevitable discomfort of other skin rejuvenating treatments, and if you’ve been deemed a good candidate for Halo, there is no looking back! You can restore the youthful qualities of your skin with less downtime and no pain.

Halo Laser Treatment New York

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When should you think about Halo laser treatment?

Sun damage and the body’s natural aging can cause wrinkles, brown spots, facial lines and other aesthetic blemishes over time. If you spend a lot of time in the sun, your skin could age faster, which is particularly troublesome if your work or passion/hobby requires you to stay outdoors for extended periods of time.

Laser ablation is recommended for such aesthetic indicators. With Halo, your skin is not only revitalized from within but its texture and beauty are also enhanced from the outside. Whether you seek a preventive aging solution or need to address a couple of years of sun damage, you can count on Halo to restore your skin and confidence! So contact us today for one of the best treatments of Halo New York has to offer.

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