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The goal of Asian rhinoplasty is to refine and sculpt the nasal structure in a way that blends seamlessly with the eyes, mouth, brow and cheekbones.

Where so many other doctors are at a loss in dealing with Asian nose jobs, Dr. Kwak is in his element when it comes to some of the best results from ethnic rhinoplasty New York clients can rely on. Dr. Kwak is keenly attuned to the subtle and delicate complexities of the Asian anatomy. Additionally, Dr. Kwak’s background in otolaryngology brings an astute understanding of the nose’s functional capacity; he never sacrifices cosmetic appeal for structural integrity. His results are always exquisite, natural and well suited to the Asian aesthetic. Dr. Kwak is among one of the best facial plastic surgeons for Asian rhinoplasty NYC can lay claim to.

The first step:

setting up your consultation

The first step for every Asian plastic surgery procedure is a detailed consultation with Dr. Kwak, during which he will go over your anatomy, previous surgery(s) if any, your goals and desires in terms of results, and your medical history. Some of Dr. Kwak's patients' most common concerns are for revision rhinoplasty due to a previous surgeon's poor technique and lack of understanding of the Asian anatomy. His experience with corrective Asian rhinoplasty has allowed him to provide some of the best revision rhinoplasty NYC patients have come to rely on. This is a great time to communicate your fears and concerns to the doctor so that he can set you at ease. In all cases, Dr. Kwak will only move forward once he is confident that your expectations will be met and even exceeded. This focus on pre-operative communication and exploration is the reason Dr. Kwak is so esteemed by New York Asian rhinoplasty clients.

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Asian rhinoplastic techniques

The tip

Anatomically, the Asian nasal tip tends to have thick skin and weak underlying cartilages. Most changes requested for the Asian nasal tip include increasing the projection and length of the tip. To make these changes, Dr. Kwak uses only cartilage grafts to build the tip to its desired shape. These grafts are placed in the tip so as to structurally support the tip to ensure a long lasting outcome as well as a nose that functions (breathes) well. These tissue grafts can be obtained from the patient’s septum, ear, or rib.

The bridge

The Asian nasal bridge tends to be lower and less defined. The typical changes require augmenting the bridge. This often requires use of various organic grafts or synthetic implants. Each type of material used has specific changes Dr. Kwak is well-versed in these cultural differences and is able to adjust and customize his technique to suit the unique needs of the Asian face.

The nostrils

The nostrils will vary according to each Asian patient’s country of origin, so Dr. Kwak typically takes a great deal of time to examine and discuss this particular area of the nose. Only a select few of his Asian rhinoplasty NYC clients will actually require nostril narrowing, and this should always be performed with great care to avoid unsightly scarring. It’s important to remember that the nostrils will often narrow on their own as a result of improvements to the tip cartilage.

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