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Facial trauma can have far-reaching, dramatic effects on a patient’s life, and while the emotional and psychological aspects of healing may take some time, physical repair can begin right away, greatly improving both self-esteem and quality of life.

Facial trauma occurs for many reasons, the most common ones being a fall or accident, a sports injury, or an altercation. Damages are categorized as either soft tissue trauma to the skin or gums; bone fractures; or trauma to the eyes or facial nerves.

The types of facial fractures treated at ESK are:

  • The nasal bone
  • The frontal sinus
  • The mandible (lower jaw)
  • The orbital floor (eye socket)
  • The zygoma (cheekbone)

ESK will work with most types of insurance, and supports patients connected with the New York State Office of Victim Services.

Selecting a facial trauma specialist in Manhattan

Because the face is one of the most visible and vulnerable areas of the body, surgery must be as inconspicuous as possible, while achieving a high degree of functionality and aesthetic attractiveness. The ideal doctor has undergone rigorous training, fellowships and residencies in reconstructive surgery, has the eye of a consummate artist, and possesses the refinement of character to connect compassionately with those who have undergone significant physical trauma.

During your initial private consultation with Dr. Kwak, he will carefully examine your face to determine the scope of surgery required. This is a good time to share will the doctor any concerns or questions you may have regarding the procedure, the type of anesthesia used, as well as any inquiries about financing or insurance. Dr. Kwak is insistent on total transparency and trust, and will take as long as is needed to make sure you feel at ease going forward. In addition, he has assembled a team of kind, considerate and knowledgeable nurses and assistants, all of whom are eager to maintain the highest standards of excellence for your care.

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The Facial trauma procedure

Dr. Kwak’s approach is always to choose the least invasive surgical method that will achieve the best results given the circumstances. Accordingly, he will consider the patient’s age, medical records, prior surgeries, goals and mental health before proceeding.

When ordinary bones in the rest of the body are fractured, they can be reset through the use of a cast. Since this is not possible with the face, breaks may be addressed through plates, screws, splinting or wiring. Great care is taken to preserve facial nerves and facial expression. If incisions are necessary, Dr. Kwak will go out of his way to make them as inconspicuous as possible. Soft tissue repairs are generally made through the use of sutures.

The doctor is also highly skilled as scar revision techniques, and may recommend additional procedures to promote a more comprehensive recovery from facial trauma. Dr. Kwak may ask that a facial trauma patient be examined by an eye doctor, dentist or oral surgeon, to ensure that all areas of recovery are being properly addressed.

Recovery from facial trauma surgery

Clients recovering from facial trauma surgery will find that Dr. Kwak’s advanced, streamlined approach facilitates rapid healing with exceptional results.

That being said, bruising, swelling, pain and numbness are all normal and to be expected. These and other reactions can be treated with pain medications, cold compresses, and with the herbal remedy Arnica Montana. In the case of jaw injuries, Dr. Kwak may prescribe a liquid or soft foods diet to accommodate any wiring or plating of the area. As with any surgery, it’s important to follow your aftercare plan to the letter, and to let the doctor know right away if anything seems amiss.

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