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Given today’s rapidly changing environment due to Covid-19, we are adapting to these changes and are currently offering virtual consultations.

We are pleased to offer the following options for your virtual consultation:

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Our team is committed to helping you with your decision-making process and we are proud to offer virtual consultations for those considering cosmetic enhancements. From the comfort & privacy of your own home, Dr. Kwak will guide you and provide you informative plastic surgery advice tailored to your specific needs and goals.

Virtual consultations are time saving, cost effective, and allow Dr. Kwak to evaluate your candidacy, address any questions or concerns, and discuss your desired outcomes.

Prior to your consultation:

  • Our team will reach out to you to confirm and coordinate the availability and time of you consultation with Dr. Kwak.
  • We will also send you a general intake form to help with your consultation, we request this be filled out and sent back prior to your schedule consultation.
  • Our team will confirm the required hardware (laptop computer, iPad, phone) and software required for the consultation.

During your consultation:

  • To get the best assessment and communication we request that the consultation be performed inside in a quiet room with natural lighting or lighting arranged on the face so as to limit over exposure or excess shadows.
  • We request this during this consult at most ONE other person is with you. (If you are a minor you will be required to have a parent or guardian present).
  • We recommend during the consultation refraining from wearing makeup or facial piercings.
  • We want this to be an opportunity for you to learn about our practice and the suitability of a particular procedure for you, so ask away.
  • Based on the conclusion of your consultation: If a decision is made that you may be a candidate for a procedure we will require you to come in for a formal in-person consultation to make a final assessment and recommendation.

Photo submissions:

  • Submitting photos prior to the virtual consult can assist your evaluation, but are not required.
  • The quality of the photo is very important to get an accurate assessment.
  • We recommend at least two photos views are needed (frontal and profile). Lighting on the face should be such to limit shadows, natural sunlight works best.


  • Please refrain from wearing makeup.
  • Lighting is critical. We find natural sunlight provides even lighting. Avoid using flash photography or edits.
  • Make sure the submitted photo is as clear resolution as possible of the nose.
  • Try to take a photo with the face framed similar in size as our examples (a photo too close can distort the nose and a photo from too far away can be hard to image)

*All recommendations are subject to change based on the in-person consultation.

**Limitations of the virtual consultation: Please note, there are limitations to the virtual consultation which will require face to face consultation to confirm the final plans and assessment prior to surgery. Also note that the virtual consultation recommendations may change upon the findings and assessments performed at the in-person consultation. For rhinoplasty and nasal surgeries, full evaluation of the internal nasal anatomy to assess for functional aspects cannot be performed under virtual consultations and will require an in-person consultation prior to surgery. For assessment for soft tissue and anatomical variations, those also are only performed via a personal face-to-face consultation. For eyelid evaluations, lower lid tone and ptosis will be confirmed via only in person traditional consultations.

Accessibility: If you are vision-impaired or have some other impairment covered by the Americans with Disabilities Act or a similar law, and you wish to discuss potential accommodations related to using this website, please contact our Accessibility Manager at (212) 229-1100